How Website Design Can Improve Conversions

An improved user experience keeps your website visitors on your pages longer more likely to engage with your content and more likely to make a conversion.

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One of the best ways to increase your conversions is to make your website look more trustworthy. If you can make your website visitors feel safe and comfortable you stand a much better chance getting return traffic.

A well-thought-out website design can help you build this trustworthiness.

One simple way to build trust on your website is with testimonials and reviews. There are several tools and plugins that can put reviews on your website.

Or you could simply create a page and copy your testimonials from Google Facebook or Yelp onto your testimonial page. Having reviews and testimonials on your website is the simplest way to increase conversions.

Take advantage of video

One of the reasons why video is so popular is because humans can view other humans it creates a personal connection. To increase conversions on your sales page, why not embed a video?

That way if someone is thinking of making a purchase and you have a video on that same page explaining why they should make the purpose it will only strengthen your argument.

Just make sure not to have any auto play videos. Everybody hates autoplay videos. If you have an video set to autoplay, that is a great way to get people to leave your website immediately.

Custom typography

Custom typography is great to incorporate into your web design. you’ll need to pick a new font if you want to stand out. Times New Roman, Ariel, and any of the other standard fonts in Microsoft Word are boring.

Think like Coca-Cola. Everybody knows that cursive font. try to find a font that fits the creativity of your brand. And it will help you stand out in a crowded market.


Consider testing out different colors on your call-to-action buttons. Test a red against a yellow or a blue against an orange, and see if that increases your conversions.

Did you know that red and green are the colors that people with color blindness struggle with the most? That is why you want to take the extra step to test the colors of your call-to-action buttons.

Trust symbols

Trust symbols are a great way to increase conversions.

What are trust symbols? You could think of them like badges.

Think about pay pals certification logo OR the logo of the BBB or a logo that says your website is secure. all these are designed to create trust in the user experience. It is especially good to have these badges right near the checkout buttons.

Pearl web design has been using trust symbols on every one of their Ecommerce websites for years.


Chatbots are a newer tool that has been designed to increase conversions. People want answers immediately.

If they can use a chatbot in finder answer within a matter of seconds, they are more likely to buy from you. chatbots are great for people who are on the fence, get their question answered, and then have the confidence to buy from you.

Heading and Sub Text

How often do you use headings? Heading tags, also known as h tags, are a great way to grab your readers attention. H tags and subtext break up the blocks of text to make it easier to read.

Often a website visitor won’t even read your content. They will just skim over it. And what they catch is the information in the heading tags and in the subtext. Make sure that you are taking advantage of these in your design.

A/B Testing

Every designer knows that they should be testing. How can you know if something works if you don’t test it? How can you know if something is the best if you don’t test it?

By continually A / B testing you can make small improvements in the overall conversions on your website. During testing, make sure you only change one element at a time.

Optimizely is a simple and easy tool to help you split test. You can learn more about it here:

That way you can easily track the results. Make sure you test for a meaningful. Of time, usually several weeks or a month is long enough. That way you will have gathered enough data to know that you are making the correct decision, before you make major changes to your layout.

Eye for Accessibility

Accessibility is only becoming more important in web design. There are a ton of different things you have to do to make a website accessible. But if you are only going to do one thing, make sure every image has a proper alt tag.

An Alt tag, or alternative text tag, is meant to describe what is going on in the image. Make sure you take the extra step to go in and fill out this information on every image. It will help to make your website more accessible.

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